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If you would like to read any of  these stories please get in touch and I can share them. Some are said out loud and


can be heard here.   

A cure for a curse - A talk I gave disguised as a story and full of inaccuracies


Know your depths & the measure of you - An ongoing mapping of rock pools 

Remote emotions - Chats with people in the middle of nowhere


The end is pretend - A show that is better as a rhyme 

Local rock readings - Something to reassure us/a different way of knowing

Lost Person Behaviour - A zine with my lovely friend, Laura Fitzgerald


Go tell it to the mountain - A talk I will give about work I will never show

Getting rid of grief routine/best practice - A message to a friend on the death of her grandfather

An ancient old rhythm keeps coming for me - Notes on an inherited rut

Post madness etiquette - The story of a limpet 

Bog father - A second chance to care for something well

You must comfort your fears - Other ways to potentially feel good

Leave no stone unturned - Attending to a need for motion 

Magic writing in the Village Hall - Local ways of knowing

The middle of nowhere - A true story about somewhere everyone is headed

This will revisit you - A story about coincidence

Something else is here now - A resistance to loss 

Prophecies only partly fulfilled - A story about what we will never know 




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